2017-2018 Endurance Sports Program

2017-2018 Endurance Sports Program

Take a virtual run, bike and/or swim across Tennessee and collect challenge coins along the way!

3 Yearly Incentive Programs and 1 Yearly Challenge

Endurance Sports Incentive Program
1.      Run across Tennessee = 440 MILES
2.      Bike Tennessee’s Border = 1306 MILES
3.      Swim the Pickwick = 53 MILES / 85,295 METERS

Endurance Sports Challenge
   4. Complete all 3 incentive programs in one year’s time (August 1, 2017 - July 31, 2018)

Cost: Free

Awards: Program Completion Ceremony. Collect challenge coins along as you go

Registration/Waiver can only be completed with at Joe Dugger Fitness Center with a staff member.

Each year’s program will last from August 1st to July 31st of the following year.

Participants must register at Joe Dugger Fitness Center with a Staff member.

Participants will sign a participant waiver form while also verifying the rules and regulations of each program they sign up for. This must be verified by a staff member.

Any participant who participates in the Endurance Sports Challenge must identify his or her participation, and have it verified with a staff member that no mileage has been completed prior to registration.

The completed participant registration/waiver will be inserted in a designated file of the Incentive Program and/or Endurance Challenge Binder.

Their waiver along with their mileage sheets will be stored in the Binder at the front desk of Joe Dugger Fitness Center.

The participant must identify their mileage with a staff member. The staff member must record the participant’s mileage and verify the recording with their initials. At this time, the staff member can identify the participant’s total mileage.

NOTE:  Participants must report their OWN mileage. (No exceptions)

Official Mileage must be reported no later than three weeks from completion. Participants can’t officialy record mileage that is over three weeks old.

The program binders will be held at the front desk of Joe Dugger Fitness Center throughout the year.

Once a participant completes a program, he or she must have it verified with a Sports/Fitness Manager or Manager on Duty. After verification, the manager will make an appointment with the participant for an awards ceremony.

Individual participation eligibility guidelines

- Eligible participants must be 18 years of age or older
- Open to all Active Duty military, reservists, retirees, dependents, and all DOD contractors affiliated with NSA Mid-South
- Must have a current and valid ID card that grants access to NSA Mid-South base and  facilities
- Participants must be eligible during the span of the program

How to sign up: Registration forms can be picked up at the front desk of Joe Dugger Fitness and Sports Center (5671 McCain St. (Bldg. S-499) Millington, TN.)

For more information or to sign up for activity contact: Kerick Gibson, Sports Specialist  901-574-2111 or kerick.gibson@navy.mil.