Laborer (Golf Course Maintenance), NA-3502-02

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$10.82 - Hourly
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No relocation expenses authorzed
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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Performs one or more of the following duties:
Loads and unloads heavy boxes, bulky supplies, and materials to and from trucks, dollies, etc. Moves heavy boxes of cartons by hand, hand-truck, or dolly. Opens crates and boxes using crowbars and cuts bands using shears. Stacks boxes and cartons where directed. Using a shovel, digs ditches where grading and sloping is not required. Fills holes with dirt and levels bumps and low places using shovel, hand tamper, and rake. Runs hand and powered (walking type) lawnmowers which do not require very heavy physical effort. Clears small trees and bushes using hatchet, handsaw, or clippers. Moves and arranges furniture as directed. May shovel snow, sand, or dirt from sidewalks. Collects and empties garbage cans, burns garbage and trash. Washes and waxes cars and trucks by hand or using powered buffer. Performs other related duties as required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Knowledge and skill sufficient to run lawnmowers and use hand buffers, hatchets, saws, hand and other tools requiring the same level of knowledge and skill. Knowledge and skill sufficient to read signs, follow simple oral and written instructions. Ability to work safely while moving light to heavy weight objects.

Responsibility: Works with specific oral and written instructions. Worker is called upon to use continual care, due to the nature of tools and equipment used, and the weight of objects handled. After receipt of instructions, worker may complete duties involving several distinct tasks or steps independently (e.g., washing and waxing a car; unloading supplies, moving them to specified locations
and stacking them).

Physical Effort: Exerts moderately heavy physical effort in doing such tasks as occasionally lifting and carrying heavy objects (weighing about 50 pounds); frequently lifting and carrying moderately heavy objects weighing up to 40 pounds; frequently pushing heavy furniture, loaded carts, etc.

Working Conditions: Work may be performed outdoors, occasionally in bad weather, involving exposure to temperature extremes. Indoor working conditions may expose the worker to drafts, noise, dust and dirt and require standing on concrete floors for long periods. The tools, equipment, and heavy objects involved occasionally present chances of serious injury.