Intramural Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the Rules and Regulations archive for the NSA Mid-South Intramural Sports department!

In this section, we highlight the governing sets of rules for every sports league, as well as provide our local rule amendments. In cases where differences occur between the governing body and our local rules, the local rules will take precedence, as they are specifically tailored to our operations and population here at NSA Mid-South. These regulations are in place for several reasons, including; participant safety, league consistency, instruction compliance, and game structure. While there will undoubtedly be occasional disagreements with these established policies, it is the responsibility of all Intramural Sports staff, officials/referees/umpires, coaches, and players to be knowledgeable and compliant with these rules at all times. The governing bodies for each league are as follows:

  • Basketball – NFHS (
  • Flag Football – NIRSA (
  • Kickball – WAKA (
  • Racquetball – USA Racquetball (
  • Softball – ASA (
  • Ultimate – USA Ultimate (
  • Volleyball – NFHS (
  • Wallyball – AWA (

When available/applicable, the Intramural Sports department will provide each team with a copy of the league’s governing rules. Participants should visit the league websites to familiarize themselves with the sport prior to participation. Preseason conditioning clinics will be offered roughly two weeks prior to the league start date, during which our sports and fitness staff will cover sport-specific warmup/conditioning exercises, as well as some performance drills. All coaches and players are encouraged to attend these sessions. Information on these clinics will be distributed at the league Captain’s Meetings, as well as via email to all confirmed coaches after the league registration deadline. Rules and regulations for all league activities fall under the purview of the Intramural Sports Coordinator and he or she may amend or abolish any of the established rules and regulations as he or she sees fit, without consultation. In the event of a rule change, all staff, officials, captains, and players will be notified immediately.