Child Development Center


NSA Mid-South HPCON CHARLIE:  Services Decoupling Phase I Status

as of 8/17/2020

Mitigation applicable to all MWR Facilities/Programs

•Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes available at facility entrance and service counter.


•Staff members are required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth while in the facility.
•Prior to beginning of their shift, each staff member will read and answer the COVID questionnaire that posted at the entrance of each facility and receive a temperature check.
•All staff trained in COVID mitigation protocols.
•Sufficient cleaning and sanitation supplies present at each facility.
•Clean/sanitize the facility prior to opening, as needed throughout the workday, and at the end of the workday.
•Ensure social distancing (greater that six feet) is practiced throughout the facility.


•All patrons are required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth while in the facility.
•Upon entering the facility, each patron will be required to read and answer the COVID questionnaire and submit to a temperature check.
•All patrons shall practice social distancing of at least six feet from other people while in the facility.

Services Decoupling allows the installation to reopen certain services with certain mitigation and limitation in place while remaining in HPCON CHARLIE.

The health and well-being of our personnel and their families remain our top priority. COVID-19 can infiltrate our force, and we bear an obligation to maintain mission readiness, ensure mission assurance, and protect the health of our force.

With that in mind, we have determined that with well thought our controls and mitigations; the installation can offer some services without significantly increasing the COVID-19 risk to our service members and their families.

Decoupling and restoration of service will be a slow process, and he success of failure of initial decoupling will inform the way ahead when determining the next phases of restoration.



The Child Development Center (CDC) is a nationally accredited program offering care for children of military personnel and DOD civilians by a professionally certified and trained staff.  This program is recognized as setting the standard for military and civilian childcare across the nation. Children 6 weeks - 5 years old are accepted for regular weekly care, with hourly care provided on a space available/reservation basis.  The Child Development Center is open to all MWR authorized patrons.

The Child Development Center is accredited by the National Association of Early Childhood Programs and must be re-accredited every three years. Navy Child Development Center strives to maintain the high quality of Child Care that this program is recognized for and endorsed by the United States Department of Defense.

Quality Assurance Inspections
Major inspections performed 
* Naval Personnel Command Child Development Branch (annually/unannounced)
* Multi-Disciplinary Inspection (every 6 months)
* Fire Drills and Safety inspections (monthly)
* Preventive Medicine inspections (monthly)
* Inspections by CDC team members (daily)
* NAEYC, National Association for the Education Young Children (every 5 years)

Professionally Trained Staff
A Training Curriculum Specialist on the CDC staff ensures Program Assistants and other staff members are up to date on the latest teaching techniques. This is a key element to our ability to provide an age and developmentally appropriate child development program.

Important links: This is our website so that parents can get on the waiting list for military child care. : This is the website is for parents who cannot find care within our CYP. They must be registered on and on a waitlist to qualify.