Navy Liberty Program


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Liberty provides high-energy recreation programs, superior entertainment experiences and development of personal leisure skills, leading to extraordinary and unique opportunities for enjoyment, activity and adventure for junior enlisted in an alcohol and tobacco-free environment. The Ellison Community Recreation Center, home of the Liberty program, includes free use of computers, Internet and wireless Internet, video game systems, movies and TV rooms, and special events. Liberty trips and tours include sporting events, outdoor adventures, shopping trips, and community events, including festivals, and seasonal programs.

Liberty is a worldwide Morale, Welfare and Recreation program that positively impacts the quality of life and contributes to the personal readiness of single and unaccompanied military personnel. Sailors can kick back and relax at the Liberty Center, be with their friends and find fun things to do in their off-duty time. Although the Liberty Program is primarily for young, enlisted service members, typically all unaccompanied personnel assigned to U.S. Navy installations are welcome to participate. Children under 18 are not allowed on trips and tours or to participate in Liberty Activities. Guests are allowed to participate in selected activities on a space-available basis, but do not receive the Liberty Program discount.