Intramural Sports/N-82 Gym

The Intramural Sports program mission is to provide the population of NSA Mid-South with a wide variety of programming opportunities that effectively meet the diverse recreational needs of the base. We ensure fleet and family readiness by encouraging participant safety, physical activity, command participation, camaraderie, sportsmanship, healthy competition, and athletic skills development. At NSA Mid-South Sports, we embrace the one team, one fight mentality to the fullest and place participant safety and sportsmanship above all else. We strive to offer a varied calendar of programs and activities that meet the needs of NSA Mid-South as effectively as possible. We are proud to be a part of this installation and we hope you all take advantage of the fantastic opportunities offered by your local NSA Mid-South MWR department!

The Intramural Sports program revolves around the Captain’s Cup. Throughout the year, tenant commands will compete amongst themselves in Intramural Sports leagues and events to accrue points towards winning the trophy at the end of the year. This is a highly sought-after award and it is viewed as a very prestigious accomplishment on base. The Captain’s Cup Presentation Event is an annual recognition luncheon that recaps the successes of the year’s programs and crowns the Captain’s Cup Champions. Also included in the event are the NSA Mid-South Military Athlete of the Year award presentations, as well as the trophy presentation for the annual Army vs. Navy Flag Football Face-Off. Intramural Sports programs include:

  • Basketball - January-March
  • Flag Football - August-November
  • Kickball - May-July
  • Racquetball - May-July
  • Softball - August-November
  • Ultimate - May-July
  • Volleyball - January-March
  • Wallyball - August-November
  • Army vs. Navy Flag Football Face-Off - December (Based on NCAA Army/Navy game schedule)
  • Dusk-til-Dawn Softball Tournament - November
  • Captain’s Cup Presentation Event - February

** Program dates are estimates and subject to change. See league marketing for official dates.