Intramural Team Registration and Player Eligibility

Welcome to the Team Registration and Player Eligibility reference page for the NSA Mid-South Intramural Sports department!

Here, participants and prospective team captains can find reference materials regarding eligibility requirements for their players, as well as the official Team Registration Forms for each league. In order for a player/team to be eligible for league participation, they MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Players/Captains MUST be Active Duty Military members whose duty station is NSA Mid-South, Active Duty Military dependents, Active Duty Military retirees, Reservists whose duty station is NSA Mid-South, and DoD employees with valid access to NSA Mid-South facilities
  • DoD dependents, Veterans and civilians without a valid ID are NOT allowed to participate
  • All participants MUST be 18 years of age or older
  • Participants MUST play for the command code/department to which they are attached/detailed. If a player’s command does not have a team participating in the league, he or she may play for another team, if approved by the Intramural Sports Coordinator.
  • All participants MUST have a VALID NSA Mid-South Military/NSA Mid-South CAC/Dependent/Retiree ID card to be eligible to participate. Failure to present a valid ID will result in removal from the league. Any team found using ineligible players will be charged with a forfeit for ALL games in which the ineligible player(s) participated.
  • ALL PLAYERS MUST BE ABLE TO PRESENT THEIR VALID ID AT EVERY GAME. NO EXCEPTIONS. Eligible players who cannot provide a valid ID card will not be allowed to participate. ID checks will be done at random, or upon request throughout the regular season and before every game throughout the playoffs.
  • An individual may only play for ONE team.