What is NOFFS?

NOFFS stands for Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System. NOFFS is a fitness program ideology that was created to reduce muscular injuries and increase on the job performance.  The purpose of NOFFS is to provide a complete physical training program that will “eliminate the guesswork” for: the individual Sailor who is participating in his/her personal, physical training program and the Navy health and fitness professional who is interested in obtaining a readily-prepared comprehensive and biomechanically-balanced individual or group physical training program.

Why is NOFFS important to Sailors? NOFFS is THE tool sailors are using for mission readiness.

How can NOFFS improve fitness? The Navy’s operational environment places a unique combination of physiological and mechanical stress on the human body. This demand requires a systematic approach to physical preparation to ensure personnel are operationally efficient and can sustain a productive, healthy career. There is a consummate paradigm shift in physical development from a traditional fitness model of isolated, single joint resistance to an archetype in integrated training systems based on movement, including: Restoring Movement, Training Movement, and Fueling Movement. NOFFS represents this training system as a professional medium to take care of the Navy’s greatest asset: its people.

How does the NOFFS equipment vary from traditional gym equipment? The beauty of NOFFS is that it does not require equipment at all. NOFFS was originally created for small spaces and minimal equipment. This NOFFS Zone is big and filled with amazing equipment, but it’s how the equipment is used is what matters. We will be holding clinics and classes to ensure our patrons using correct when using this facility.

The idea for this facility started around 4 years ago. The renovation project has been ongoing for the past two years.

What were some of the hurdles to getting it done? The renovation project started with the wooden basketball floor being removed. We then had to bid out jobs to contractors for the flooring and equipment to be installed. The Public Works department played a huge role in assisting us through the renovation. What kind of COVID mitigations will be in place? The NOFFS Zone is a large space that patrons easily socially distance while using. Our staff will be disinfecting during closure hours.

When HPCON improves, will commands be able to reserve the space for command PT? Active Duty will be able to use the facility immediately. Small command groups can use the facility for PT.

I would like to thank the MWR Support and Fitness teams for the input and hard work that they put into this space. - KalebNSA Mid-South NOFFS Zone


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