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The School Liaison Officer is the primary point of contact between the military installation, the local school administration, parents and the community at large. The Navy School Liaison Officer (SLO) program helps installation and regional commanders work with state departments and local school districts to ensure school personnel are aware of the stressors on military families brought about by frequent transitions and extended deployments. These education professionals are located on all major Navy installations and serve as “ombudsmen” between Navy families and schools.

Specific responsibilities include advising the installation commander on all K-12 grade educational matters; fostering a responsive, cooperative relationship between school representatives and the military community; and maintaining school transition support for military children.

Parents, school personnel and community members with questions on school-age military child education are encouraged to contact their local School Liaison Officer.

What is a School Liaison Officer?
The School Liaison Officer (SLO) serves as the liaison between the installation commander, military agencies and schools by providing assistance in matters pertaining to student education. The SLO also implements the Navy’s Strategic Planning for Education Advocacy K-12 recommendations in order to ensure Navy Families have access to quality educational opportunities.

School Transition Services (PCS Cycle): SLOs assist families with school transfers and help “level the playing field” for military children and youth.

Deployment Support: SLOs connect educators to the Navy deployment support system to inform about the cycles of deployment and the tools that are available to assist educators in working with Navy children.

Command, School, Community Communications: SLOs serve as subject matter experts for installation commanders on K-12 issues, helping to connect command, school and community resources.

Home School Linkage and Support: SLOs assist Navy families by gathering and sharing information on homeschooling issues, policies and legislation from local school districts and leverage Navy Child and Youth Programs resources to support these families.

Partnerships in Education (PIE): PIE creates a volunteer network of resources to support installation and community members who have a vested interest in the success of all youth.

Post-Secondary Preparations: SLOs leverage installation and school resources to provide graduating military students with access to post-secondary information and opportunities.


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